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Photo 300th Engr Det
300th Engr Det

Photo 1st Bn, 168th IN
1st Bn, 168th IN

Photo 186th AS
186th AS

Photo 76th AS
76th AS

Photo Bakhuis Roozeboom Encampment
Bakhuis Roozeboom Encampment

Photo Seelig Kazerne
Seelig Kazerne

Photo Oirschotse Heide Tng Area
Oirschotse Heide Tng Area

Photo Artillery Range Cplx
Artillery Range Cplx

448 Exercises | and counting...

Photo Red Flag Alaska 13-3
Red Flag Alaska 13-3

Photo XCTC 2014
XCTC 2014

Photo Várpalota Challenge 2015
Várpalota Challenge 2015

Photo Orange Aura
Orange Aura